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Features/Benefits - Can be used as a couch cushion, reading wedge, backrest, sofa cushion, support cushion, neck support and much more.

Thai cushion

About Thai Cushion
UrbanBed presents Thai Cushion which is a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. It is mostly used in Thailand and is an essential part of their culture. Thai triangle cushion has a triangular shape that can be used for multiple purposes such as back support, neck support, reading wedge, etc. The position offered while using this Thai triangle pillow is extremely comfortable. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and therefore it is also known as Thai triangle floor cushion. You can also watch your favorite shows in flower position for long sessions without hurting your back and neck. The Thai cushion is made of durable foam material that keeps it steady and intact with a washable cover made out of fine-knitted anti-microbial fabric. Also, the glossy peach color of the Thai cushion provides an added enhancement to your home décor. UrbanBed provides a free doorstep delivery service and a 1-year warranty period along with the purchase. The price of Thai triangle pillow has been set reasonable for the amount of features it provides. Thai Floor Cushions offered by UrbanBed are best-in-class products. Order now and use it as a back or neck support while working, sitting, and even gaming for long sessions.
Thai Triangle Cushion
Backrest Pillow
Thai Triangle Pillow
Neck Support
Thai Floor Cushions
Reading Wedge
Thai Triangle Floor Cushion
Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

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