5 Benefits of a Good Mattress

5 Benefits of a Good Mattress

This mattress buying guide is extremely useful for anyone! A good bedroom environment is instrumental in ensuring good quality of sleep. Keeping this in mind, people devote a lot of investment and energy towards bedroom decor, walls, windows, ceiling, and flooring. However, there is one crucial aspect of the bedroom that many tend to forget or ignore: the mattress.

  1. It helps you get quality, undisturbed sleep

We start off with one of the primary benefits that truly justify the quality of a mattress in general: getting sound sleep whenever you want. A mattress should never disappoint, whether it be a good night's sleep, a sweet siesta, or a long weekend slumber. Not to mention, a mattress that's ideal for you will offer the right amount of back support, posture support, and comfort to ensure sleep that is bound to rejuvenate you.

So if you've been suffering from back pain or sleepless nights, we recommend you to check out our range of high-quality mattresses that are built to provide unmatched comfort and support to your body when you sleep.

  1. Promotes good mental health

A poor-quality mattress can have a toll on your sleep and, consequently, your mental health. It might appear as a lack of sleep at first, but it eventually leads to a severe lack of sleep or insomnia that can really mess around with your daily life.

With inadequate sleep, you can experience a wide variety of mental health issues such as mood swings, feeling drained, inability to concentrate and process information, brain fog, lack of concentration, memory loss, stress, anxiety, and depression. In a nutshell, your cognitive and emotional state might take a hit.

Having a bad mattress can indeed mess up your sleep cycle. At first, this could only lead to sleepless nights, but sleeping every night on a bad mattress can eventually lead to habitual sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep is known to be linked to various short- and long-term consequences, and it can take a heavy toll on your mental and emotional health.

But when you get yourself a good mattress for sleep, you can rest assured (pun intended) that you won't experience any of these problems and experience proper mental and emotional health.

  1. It helps cultivate good sleep habits

A bad mattress is probably the #1 reason people are disinterested in sleep and have unsatisfied slumber every night. Not to mention, with the cutthroat pace of today's world, people put a lot of emphasis on their professional life and often skip sleep. All one needs is to get back to having a glorious sleep that they have been deprived of!

By resuming a healthy and satisfactory sleep cycle, you can feel better than you have felt recently!

If you have already got a perfect mattress and are looking to make your bedroom complement some good sleep habits, then here are some helpful pointers that can elevate the quality of your sleep:

  • Keep your bed clean and fresh, always

  • Cancel out noise in your bedroom's immediate vicinity

  • Keep electronics such as your laptop and mobile phone away when you sleep

  • Put up a dim light if necessary

  • Keep the room cool, tidy, and pleasant

  • Cut down any mess and keep the bedroom organized

  1. Contributes towards good posture

Whether you are aware or not, you end up sleeping in various positions throughout the night. With a good mattress in tow, you not only sleep in a posture that suits the way you sleep but also improve your posture in general. Having a constant sleep posture and waking up to no back pain each morning points towards the fact that you have the right mattress for yourself!

While sleeping, different positions are prone to have their own concerns. Whether it's the joints, spine alignment, or stress on the arms or organs, a good mattress will ensure that you aren't affected by these potential issues by providing a cushioning effect to your pressure points. As such, it is crucial that you take your sleeping position into consideration while purchasing a mattress.

A good posture is vital for maintaining a proper musculoskeletal system and also a healthy cardiovascular system. In their late twenties or early thirties, most people start experiencing several problems, including back and joint pain, fatigue, high blood pressure, and spinal discrepancies. These conditions often result from having a bad mattress and, as such, a messed-up sleep pattern and posture. As you grow older, it becomes all the more important to maintain a good posture at all times, and a good mattress is instrumental in achieving the same.

  1. A mattress is a long-term investment

It is no secret that mattresses are a substantial investment that takes up a good portion of your household budget. However, a good mattress is an excellent investment that has long-term benefits associated with its usage. By maintaining and taking care of your mattress, you can make the most out of your purchase and make it last for years to come! An average mattress can last anywhere between 5 to 7.5 years. By purchasing a high-quality mattress and giving it the TLC it deserves, you can make your mattress last up to 7-8 years.


To start catching up on all the lost sleep and enjoying all the ZZZZZs you have been craving for lately, explore the range of supreme mattresses at UrbanBed. Our mattresses aren't just super comfortable, but they are also equipped with the right material, technology, and structure to give you a top-notch experience with its usage. Most importantly, our mattresses tick all the boxes with regards to the amazing benefits you can enjoy from a premium quality mattress. You can use this write-up as a mattress buying guide for your brand new purchase!

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