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Dual Wedge Pillow

Dual Wedge Pillow

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Features/Benefits- The foldable design makes this wedge pillow an ace of versatility. Use it as a sleeping pillow for reducing neck strain, or as a sit up pillow for back support or as a leg rest for relief from leg pain or just fold it and turn it into your portable lap desk for working from comfort of your bed.

About Dual Wedge Pillow
Dual wedge pillow created by UrbanBed provides the desired support to your shoulders and upper back. It improves your sleeping posture and relieves back and neck pain. The wedge pillow is available in small, medium, and large size options.
The attractive peach color adds up to the ambience your room and beautifies it. Apart from a sleeping or sit up pillow, this dual wedge pillow can be used as a leg rest for relief from leg pain or can be folded to form a portable lap desk for working from the comfort of your bed. The pillow helps to elevate the body part that needs support and helps in reducing the strain from hips, stomach, neck, back, and legs. The usage of dual wedge pillow can help against allergies, snoring, breathing issues, and acid reflux. The two-way comfort provided by this wedged pillow allows the user to sit or sleep comfortably. Its unique design enables the user to position the wedge upright while watching your favorite shows on TV. When you move it to the foot, it provides an unparalleled support for your leg and feet by elevating them. The comfort and posture offered by this dual wedge pillow is unmatched. The product offers free doorstep delivery and also comes with a 1-year warranty.
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UrbanBed's Dual Position Wedge Pillow fulfils a wide variety of purposes, but mainly, it is designed to give your upper back and  shoulders the support they need. It also improves sleeping posture and relieves neck and back pain. Its compact and unique design ensures that the user feels comfortable while sitting or sleeping. Dual Wedge Pillow is also helpful in avoiding issues like snoring and breathing problems. It is made with HR foam which is very durable and washable. You can position it when you are reading, relaxing or even watching TV, and it will elevate the area that needs support, ultimately providing comfort. Buy Dual Wedge Pillow online from our website and get it delivered to your doorstep, free of cost.

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Small, Medium, Large

CertiPUR-US Certified Resiflex® HR Foam

Medium Firm

Reading, Maternity, Headboard Cushion, & Leg Elevation

Foldable Design

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1-Year Warranty