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What are the different mattresses that are manufactured by UrbanBed?

Answer :
At UrbanBed, we offer three types of mattresses, the Zen Memory Foam mattress, the Latex Core Support Orthopaedic Mattress and the Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress.

Are UrbanBed products certified?

Answer :
UrbanBed foam mattresses are manufactured using the highest quality of raw materials imported from the USA, Japan and Germany. The foam and fabric comply with the highest safety standards in the industry.

How durable is your mattress? How long will it last?

Answer :
We offer a 15 years manufacturer warranty on all our mattresses. But, with proper care, the mattress can last longer.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the UrbanBed mattress?

Answer :
UrbanBed mattress will support a person weighing up to 120 kg on each side. So, for a double bed/two sleeper mattress, the weight capacity will be up to 240 kg.

What is the weight of the mattress?

Answer :
Your UrbanBed mattress reaches you in a compressed "Mattress in a Box" form which makes it easy to handle, easy to transport and quick to unbox. Though the typical weight would be as follows:

Mattress Approx in Kg Single Double Queen King
Latex Core Support mattress 6” / 8” 12/15 22 / 30 18 / 25 25 / 33
Zen Memory Foam mattress 6” / 8” 8/11 15 / 20 11/13 16 / 22
Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress 8” - 12/16 16 / 21 20 / 26

How firm is the UrbanBed mattress?

Answer :
The UrbanBed mattress has been designed and created to suit the majority of the population.
Latex Core Support Mattress-8/10
Zen Memory Foam Mattress-5/10
Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress-7/10

Does the bed base make a difference?

Answer :
Yes. We recommend you to use a bed base that is solid and firm. The foundation of good sleep is the combination of a comfortable bed and the right mattress which can mean the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor-quality sleep.

Is the UrbanBed mattress safe?

Answer :
Yes. All our UrbanBed products are totally safe for all adults and children, including infants. The foam used in our products is manufactured in-house using the highest quality of raw materials. All our products are tested in our laboratories for quality-check, and to check the cleanliness and safety, ensuring that it is free from known harmful chemicals and gases.

Is there any difference between UrbanBed Mattress and other Mattresses available on other websites?

Answer :

UrbanBed Competition
Zero inorganic filler FIlled foam. Unhygienic, harmful, and uncomfortable foam.
Authentic HR foam "Resiflex" Counterfeit HR foam
Authentic, high-quality Memory foam “Viscoflex” Poor quality memory foam
Water-based glue Solvent-based glue (harmful, releases toxic odour)
Milliken colourants. Safest colouring technology for foam. Low-quality dyes used which are extremely unhygienic and harmful to the skin. Also releases the toxic odour.
Higher-density foam Low-density foam. Mattress weight is 30-40% less. and sold at the same price.
CNC design N/A
Zoning as per weight of user N/A

I am pregnant. Will the mattress from UrbanBed be suitable for me?

UrbanBed has designed its mattresses to offer the same cosy, restful support for pregnant women as for all other adults. Our UrbanBed mattresses are chemical-free and perfectly safe for pregnant women to use.

How do I care for my UrbanBed mattress?

Answer :
We suggest the following to increase the longevity of the mattresses:
Air your mattress - Allow the body’s moisture to evaporate out.
Maintain the neatness of your mattress.
Vacuum clean the mattress and base from time to time to remove this dust.

What are the wash care instructions to clean the mattress?

Answer :
We manufacture our products with great love and care and want our customers to do the same. So, we’ve listed the UrbanBed-specific washing instructions in a leaflet shared with you along with the mattress.

Is the mattress cover removable and washable?

Answer :
Yes, the mattress cover is removable and can be machine washed.

Can I place an order for a replacement mattress cover?

Answer :
At UrbanBed we can provide a replacement cover for an additional charge. Get in touch with us at or call us on 180010202080 and we will respond to you with the details of the cost of the mattress.

What are the benefits of the UrbanBed mattress cover?

Answer :
The UrbanBed mattress cover consists of a blend of polyester, viscose and lycra materials. It feels soft and environment friendly, breathable, washable and protects against dust, mites and bacteria. It will protect you from the layers of dust and keep the Layers intact, allowing a healthy environment and peaceful sleep. Other features just for you include a cover that is washable, durable, anti-mite, anti-dust. Thus, the washable mattress will help you prolong the life of the mattress. It is treated with UlTRA FRESH.

Can I apply two coupons together to buy a product?

Answer :
No. As a customer, you can use only one coupon at a time for purchasing an UrbanBed Mattress or any other product.

Is No Cost EMI available?

Answer :
Yes, we offer No Cost EMI option for the purchase of our products, but your credit or debit card should have the facility.