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Latex Core Support Mattress has layers of high elasticity, sandwiched between two layers of high resilience. Its amazing bouncy feel, gently cradles the pressure points of your body, providing you with ultimate comfort and relief to pains in the most sensitive areas like the neck, back and shoulders. This mattress contains anti-dust, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties too.

  • Multiple adaptive foam layers provide cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.
  • Better Air Flow.
  • Orthopaedic Support.
  • Spine Aligns Naturally.
  • Bouncier.
  • Zero Partner Disturbance.
  • Washable Cover.
  • 120 Nights Trial.
  • Risk Free Returns.
  • Direct from Manufacturer - Tailor-Made and customisation options, Completely and Freshly Made for each UrbanBed Customer.
  • Free Doorstep Delivery.
  • 15 Years Warranty.
  • Any issues with size, we are happy to help!
Latex Foam Mattress
Comfort with Support
Latex Bed Mattress
Latex Mattress Price
Feel: Medium Firm - Firm
Latex Foam Mattress
Direct From Manufacturer
Latex Mattress
Washable Cover
Latex Memory Foam Mattress
Anti-microbial Fabric
Sound sleep Engineered with German Technology
If you are not getting the right sleep or often turning and tossing throughout the night, it is probably time you change your mattress. According to the experts, sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the basic reasons for your restless nights. UrbanBed , with an aim to provide the best and quality sleep to all we work tirelessly towards manufacturing the best mattress for you. UrbanBed mattresses have features like breathability, which controls your body temperature while sleeping. The foams are glued using the all-natural and safe water-based adhesive. And the mattresses engineered using the high-grade German technology at UrbanBed are neither too hard nor too soft. UrbanBed mattresses provide the best comfort and support required for a sound and peaceful sleep so that you wake up fresh and energised in the mornings.
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UrbanBed mattresses are built with high-end German technology, making them more resilient, long-lasting, clean, and comfortable. But the fact that makes Core Dual Support Mattress best in the market is that it provides comfort and back support, which is something that most orthopaedic mattresses lack. It also provides you with the advantage of sleeping on both sides - medium soft and heavy. Regardless of which side you choose based on firmness preference, you'll find both support and comfort, ensuring that your spine remains in a good alignment and that you sleep like a baby. This dual comfort mattress is made up of substantial and durable fabric, which is also anti-microbial. It's very pocket friendly and comes in different sizes. We also provide 15 years of warranty and 120 nights trial to our customer and free delivery to their doorstep.
About LatexCore Support Mattress
UrbanBed offers you Latex core support mattress which is a latex foam mattress providing orthopedic support and comfort to your body. Its multi-layered adaptive foam provides you the benefit of giving you the choice of sleeping on medium soft and hard sides. You can pick whichever side you want based on the firmness preference you have. This latex foam mattress is offered with high quality foam that is bouncier and allows better air flow. You will find both comfort and support so that your spine is aligned in a healthy way. It is probably the best latex bed mattress available online with a 4.9 star customer review ratings. You can choose among different sizes available between Single, Diwan, Queen, and King. Customizable size option is also available with thickness options of 6 inches and 8 inches to choose from. UrbanBed provides you a 120 night trial period for this latex foam mattress. We also provide a free doorstep delivery service and a 15-year long warranty period along with the purchase. The latex mattress is delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. Due to this, the latex foam mattress price has been set reasonable for the amount of features it delivers. It is engineered with high-grade German Technology that makes the mattress resilient, safe, durable, and comfortable at the same time and offers peaceful sleep so that you wake up feeling fresh.

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After each day's persistent effort, your body requires a lot of repair and restoration, mostly from a good night's rest. While lying on the bed, you want essential solace and support from your mattress to help you fall asleep and sleep well. If your mattress misses the mark on its comfort and support functions, your rest quality might be hampered essentially. The support mattress is a significant piece of any mattress. It supports the bed and keeps the sleeper from sinking too profoundly into the outer layer of the mattress. The mattress also impacts other significant performance aspects, such as temperature neutrality, edge support, and sturdiness.

Support padding can be built utilizing a wide assortment of materials, the most well-known of which incorporate foam, latex, coils, and air or water chambers. Here's your guide on why you should buy support mattress online.

Understanding support mattress

Situated in the mattress's foundation, the support mattress is intended to offer spinal help and settle the mattress.

The support should be adequately firm to keep sleepers from soaking in excessively far yet ready to flex adequately to forestall pointless pressure buildup. Some support mattresses are constructed utilizing zoned designs, with a different design in regions that will generally bear more weight.

Contingent upon the materials utilized in the support, a mattress might be pretty steady. It might offer benefits, for example, better airflow, more grounded edge support, or less movement.

The importance of buying support mattress online.

  • Upgraded Durability: A tough support mattress can assist with fortifying the whole mattress and broadening its life expectancy. Quality support mattresses help safeguard against untimely listing, sinking, and extremely durable spaces, which might keep your mattresses performing great for longer.
  • Although the support padding does not share the sleeper's mindset, it does provide a large conduit for intensity to escape. Coil support will often be entirely breathable, though those with a more strong construction might trap heat.
  • Movement Isolation: Motion transfer can be annoying to rest accomplices who are delicate to one another's movements. Individuals who share the bed might profit from support mattresses produced using materials like polyfoam and stashed coils, which respond locally to movement and may help with eliminating unsettling influences.
  • Moving metal elements in traditional innerspring designs tended to creak after a while. New design features include calmer materials, for example, polyfoam and latex, which are essentially quiet. Innerspring support paddings can likewise be made with stashed coils enveloped in fabric to diminish noise.
  • Without a solid support mattress, regions, for example, the hips and shoulders, can encounter a lopsided amount of pressure. Support mattress aims to disperse weight and keep the sleeper's spine neutral.

Construction of support mattress

All support mattresses share the common objective of offering help for the sleeper and the mattress. To this end, support mattresses are, for the most part, fabricated utilizing materials that can absorb and circulate strain while keeping up with their structural integrity.

There are a few unique kinds of support mattresses available today. Foam and latex give a firm base. Innerspring and hybrid ones depend on steel springs, which flex to retain the pressure as the sleeper moves around on the bed.

  • The level of the mattress, by and large, compares to about 66% of the full mattress profile. Most mattresses have a profile between 8 and 14 inches, while the majority of support mattresses are between 6 and 10 inches. The most slender support will generally be made of a solitary layer of latex or polyfoam. Coil support systems generally require at least 6 inches and a couple of extra inches on the off chance that they have a polyfoam base layer. More slender mattresses than 6 inches may not be suitable for everyday usage, especially for sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds.
  • Mattress support also comes with a transitional layer, a base layer, or a reinforced parameter. These parts cooperate to give an extensive support network for the mattress:
  • Transitional layers sit between the comfort layers and the support, preventing the sleeper from sinking directly into it. Traditional layers are commonly produced using materials like high-thickness polyfoam, latex, or micro coils.
  • The great majority of the bed's support comes from the critical support. The primary support, which is made of robust materials like steel coils, firm latex, or high-thickness polyfoam, provides a stable foundation for achieving solid spinal alignment.
  • High-Density Foam Encasement: Some mattresses include a different foam encasement around the support which fortifies the mattress and the bed's perimeter. Foam encasements are most common in innerspring, hybrid, and airbed mattresses.
  • Innerspring and hybrid mattresses frequently have a base layer to help give pushback to the coils and keep sleepers from bottoming out. Most base layers are somewhat thin, utilizing 1 or 2 inches of high-thickness polyfoam.

Types of support mattress

There are five fundamental kinds of support mattresses. These are Innerspring, Latex, Polyurethane, Airbeds, and Waterbeds. They might be a solitary layer of material or a few layers made of various materials.

  • Despite everything overwhelming the business, Innerspring is the most well-known kind of support mattresses. There are 4 fundamental kinds of innerspring: Bonnell, Offset, Continuous coil, and Pocket coil. While there are various names for each of them, all innerspring can be categorized as one of these classes. These support mattresses are reasonable for use with a comfort layer over them, including Latex, Memory Foam, Polyurethane foam (generally normal), or Natural Fibres. Innersprings have been utilized for a long time, are surely known by the business, and are moderately reasonable to fabricate, so they stay a popular choice.
  • Latex foam has likewise been being used for a long time. Yet, it is partaking in a resurgence in notoriety due to its numerous valuable characteristics when utilized in a firmer ILD as support or a milder ILD as a comfort layer. While great quality latex is among the most costly of the foams, its wide scope of immovability choices and its wide range of feels and characteristics in various ILDs and between the two primary kinds of plastic, Dunlop latex and Talalay latex, pursue it probably the best choice in a mattress in any layer. A portion of its most attractive characteristics includes its ever-evolving firmness, strength, ability to frame itself to the state of a body profile, and sturdiness, which can all be significant characteristics in a support mattress.
  • Known as polyfoam or poly, polyurethane foam is the most widely recognized material utilized as a comfort layer in a mattress. Yet, it is many times utilized as a material too. It comes in 3 distinct grades and keeping in mind that it tends to be an exceptionally top-notch and helpful material in the most elevated HR grade. It is seldom tracked down in significantly more costly mattresses than more modest nearby and regional makers. HD or High-Density polyfoam (regularly 1.8 lb thickness or higher or 1.5 lb thickness in lower budget mattresses) is considerably more normally utilized in mattress padding, especially in a mix with better quality latex and memory foam comfort layers. It can likewise be good and tough material in a support padding.
  • Airbeds are a mattress class that has become, to some degree, fruitful because of advertising and fairly deceptive data as opposed to a genuine comprehension of its natural characteristics. Like an innerspring, it is just reasonable for use as a support in a mattress, and keeping in mind that it has a few elements that give off an impression of being engaging on first look (and which are vigorously advanced), they don't toll so well on comparative assessment or in correlation with other mattress types.
  • Waterbeds became famous in the late 60s and 70s and have held some degree of ubiquity with a gathering of believers from that point forward. The latest"soft-sided" variants share a few comparable standards to airbed padding; however, they can frequently be better than airbeds for help. Now and again, contingent upon body shape and weight appropriation, their pressure easing characteristics can be coordinated with great alignment even though it tends to be harder to consolidate these characteristics than some innerspring, latex, or high-quality poly foam mattresses with excellent comfort layers. They have seen many design enhancements since they first evolved to compensate for some of their original shortcomings.

Buy support mattress online at UrbanBed.

Our mattresses at UrbanBed are excellent for anyone. UrbanBed offers you a Latex support mattress, a latex foam mattress offering muscular support and comfort to your body. Its multifaceted, versatile foam gives you the advantage of providing you with the choice of dozing on medium delicate, and hard sides. You can pick whichever side you need because of the strong inclination. This latex foam mattress is presented with excellent foam that is bouncier and permits better airflow. You will find comfort and support, so your spine is adjusted soundly. It is presumably the best latex support mattress accessible online, with a 4.9-star client rating.





Medium to Firm

5-9 years



9-10 years

Memory foam

Soft to Medium

9-10 years

Gel-infused foam

Soft to Medium

10-12 years


Soft to Medium

10-12 years



10-12 years


If you are not able to get proper sleep, it is likely time you change your mattress. Most studies agree that sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the main reasons for not being able to sleep peacefully. UrbanBed works relentlessly to provide you with the best mattresses online to give the best quality sleep to all individuals. UrbanBed beddings have highlights like breathability, which controls your internal heat level while dozing. The foams are glued utilizing all-natural and safe water-based adhesive. As a result, urbanBed mattresses give the best comfort and support for a sound and tranquil sleep. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy support mattress online today at UrbanBed.

Some FAQs

Q: What are the wash care instructions to clean the mattress?

A: We manufacture our products with great love and care and want our customers to do the same. So, weƒ??ve listed the UrbanBed-specific washing instructions in a leaflet shared with you along with the mattress.

Q: Does the bed base make a difference?

A: Yes. We recommend you to use a bed base that is solid and firm. The foundation of good sleep is the combination of a comfortable bed and the right mattress which can mean the difference between a restorative nightƒ??s sleep and poor-quality sleep.

Q: How firm is the UrbanBed mattress?

A: The UrbanBed mattress has been designed and created to suit the majority of the population.

ƒ?? Latex Support Mattress-8/10

ƒ?? Zen Memory Foam Mattress-5/10

ƒ?? Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress-7/10

Q: Are UrbanBed products certified?

A: UrbanBed foam mattresses are manufactured using the highest quality of raw materials imported from the USA, Japan and Germany. The foam and fabric comply with the highest safety standards in the industry

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