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Zen Memory Foam Mattress

Zen Memory Foam Mattress has multiple adaptive foam layers which provide extra levels of cushioning, enhancing comfort and relaxation. It is designed with high-resilient foam which has antimicrobial fabric. Engulf yourself in this body-hugging memory foam mattress and sleep peacefully. This memory foam serves as the ultimate pressure-relieving mattress.

Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress

End your day and start your mornings by putting your health and well-being first. This amazing orthopaedic mattress has 7 layers of firmness- offering the ultimate level of comfort. The Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress is specially designed to provide targeted support to your back. This orthopaedic mattress gives excellent spine alignment and back pain relief and also controls body heat.

Latex Core Support Mattress

Latex Core Support Mattress has layers of high elasticity, sandwiched between two layers of high resilience. Its amazing bouncy feel, gently cradles the pressure points of your body, providing you with ultimate comfort and relief to pains in the most sensitive areas like the neck, back and shoulders. This mattress contains anti-dust, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties too.

Evolve Orthopediac Mattress

Orthopaedic Mattresses are specially designed to give adequate comfort and support to your body- joints, back, neck and shoulders. It moulds into the shape of your body perfectly as it is a body-hugging memory foam. A soft and zero-partner disturbance foam mattress offers anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Give your body the relaxation and comfort it deserves.



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What our Customers say?

Even one night on my old mattress left me sore for days. This mattress topper, worked like a charm and did exactly what it was meant to do - relieved me of the pain, was soft and comfortable send resulted in a good night's sleep.

Khyati G. TewariReviewed in India on 2 October 2022

I ordered a Ninjaback Orthopaedic mattress and it was honestly really comfortable. Trust me, I was able to sleep better and wake up afresh after sleeping on this mattress.

Vinay GoenkaReviewed In India on 10 September 2022

Very comfortable mattress topper. Thanks to special geometric design and highly breathable memory foam coated with heat absorbing material which makes it extremely cool and relaxing.This topper doesn’t let you completely sink your body and allows easy change of posture while sleeping unlike regular memory foam mattress in the market. Just put it on your firm/medium firm existing mattress..Go for it.

Amazon CustomerReviewed in India on 22 December 2021

I purchased it just because of my mistake that I made 1.5 years back from now, that I purchased a orthopedic mattress made up of bonded foam of 4.5" from the local dealer which was very hard and uncomfortable to sleep. It was not returnable. Suffered with it for a long time. Although it was expensive, I tried many options to deal with the problem but failed. Researched a lot on internet to find some better and in budget solution. Finally, my fate brought me here. And I can say that I am very happy having it today but can't predict tomorrow.

Naval Kishore SingalReviewed in India on 30 July 2022

Great product, very comfortable to use. It has a layer of memory foam as described.
Using it on a daily basis, still not shrinkage of any sorts yet.
Definitely recommend this one if you are considering wedge pillow

Vishnu Narayanan MCertified Buyer, Bengaluru 1 month ago

This is not a paid review like the rest. I bought this one after returning many other wedge pillows. I think it's important to have a pillow that's tall. I can clearly feel my back feeling at ease. It's expensive but my back is more important while I work from bed

Amazon CustomerReviewed in India on 16 May 2022

The dual side mattress
We do actually find ourselves using this 2 in 1 mattress from UrbanBed which has a firm side and less firm side, we find it very comforting to switch it as the mattress is light weight. We sleep much better. We keep our mattress cleaner because the cover is washable. Really do love this mattress…!!!

Neha PawarReviewed in India on 7 February 2023

I don't why this product is so underrated! Fitting is just perfect! Leakage! No chance... This is the best mattress protector i have ever used or seen on any online shopping plateform. Don't give a second thought please buy ! Thank you for providing such a classy product. Perfect in every sense.

vardaReviewed in India on 26 July 2022