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Orthopaedic Mattresses are specially designed to give adequate comfort and support to your body- joints, back, neck and shoulders. It moulds into the shape of your body perfectly as it is a body-hugging memory foam. A soft and zero-partner disturbance foam mattress offers anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Give your body the relaxation and comfort it deserves.


  • Provides better orthopaedic support
  • CNC contour cuts for better air circulation
  • Relieves pressure points

7 Advantages of Sleeping on an Orthopedic Mattress

A poor choice of mattress can lead to a whole range of health issues, most commonly associated with the musculoskeletal system. As such, one simply cannot choose any run-of-the-mill mattress for themselves. It is important to consider one's health, well-being, and comfort to narrow down on the perfect mattress. Keeping that in mind, getting the best orthopedic mattress India has to offer, will end up being an amazing product for people who have been suffering from pain in the back, neck, joints, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

An orthopedic mattress India provides relief, support, and comfort to people with these problems who are looking for a good night's sleep. These mattresses are extremely durable, ideal for your spine, and provide ample relief to the lumbar. It can all be solved by the best ortho mattress in India.

The importance of the best orthopedic mattress for back pain in India is paramount. So if you are having issues with your spine's natural alignment, joint, neck, and back, consider an orthopedic mattress online

It is important to understand that we spend close to 9-10 hours on our beds each day, and as such, a mattress is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of our lives. With an orthopedic mattress in tow, you can prevent the onset of several health problems, leading a healthier life.

This write-up will highlight 7 amazing advantages of using an orthopedic mattress and show you why it's ideal for you. But before that, let's understand an orthopedic mattress a bit more.

Buy orthopedic online mattress for numerous benefits!

Our mattresses at UrbanBed are excellent for anyone. They are an embodiment of the best orthopedic mattress price in India.  However, in this case, we must pay focus on our Ninjaback Orthopedic Mattress, which is known for its unmatched support to the body.

It should be noted that orthopedic mattresses are strongly recommended even by doctors for people with orthopedic issues. So if you are having second thoughts about these mattresses, don't! Just go for it. 

Importance of orthopedic mattress

A typical orthopedic mattress bridges the gap between memory foam and latex mattresses. They can conform to the contours of your body and provide you with the right amount of support, comfort, and relief.

For instance, a memory foam mattress is good for you, but there is a tendency for it to sink in and cause pain. However, an orthopedic mattress has the perfect firmness by virtue of which you won't be sinking into your mattress and would sleep better without any pain.

With such amazing characteristics, it is easy to see why orthopedic mattresses are so popular among doctors, even for people post surgeries.

Let's find out the various advantages of buying an orthopedic mattress!

  • Better sleep quality

Orthopedic mattresses are associated with supreme comfort and lasting relief to your spine, back, neck and joints. Not to mention, it also aids with the right posture and helps you get sound sleep. It provides you with exactly the kind of support you desire and is perfect even if you sleep with a partner beside you. Stop waking up in the middle of the night due to pain or discomfort! Wake up as per your convenience, only after completing a good night of sleep.

  • Relieves ailing pain

Even if you get a full night of sleep on your mattress, you will wake up to a frustrating pain in the lower back or joints. That's why you need an orthopedic mattress that provides unmatched comfort and support to your entire body, thereby helping you sleep soundly and wake up without feeling any acute pain in any part of your body.

Orthopedic mattresses are also perfect for those who have had surgery or are recovering from an injury. So if you are looking for relief from pain and want to improve your sleep quality, an orthopedic mattress is the way to go!

  • Prevents rolling into your partner

When you sleep with a partner beside you, a regular mattress tends to roll you into them and vice versa. This is attributed to the sinking in of the mattress caused by your body weights which 'pulls' both of you into each other.

An orthopedic mattress avoids this effect and ensures little to no rolling of partners into each other during sleep.

  • Convenient firmness

The debate between a soft and a firm mattress is a long-standing one, and to be quite honest, neither is perfect for orthopedic considerations. On the other hand, an orthopedic mattress comes with the right amount of comfort (akin to a soft mattress) and ample support (akin to a firm mattress) to serve as more or less of a medium-firm mattress with benefits to the spine, joints and muscles.

  • Promotes good sleeping posture

Many of us aren't aware that much of the pain and discomfort associated with a poor-quality mattress is because of the fact that the mattress is unable to support your natural sleeping posture. This is where an orthopedic mattress fits into the picture.

With the perfect support to your joints, muscles, and pressure points, you can rest assured that your orthopedic mattress will help you sleep soundly in the posture that you are the most comfortable in.

  • Provides lumbar support naturally

Good lumbar support is a sign of a mattress that promotes good health and well-being. An orthopedic mattress does it best! The essence of an orthopedic mattress is natural lumbar support for you. So if you need a mattress that ensures the proper alignment and functioning of your spine, look no further than an orthopedic mattress.

  • Is extremely durable

It goes without saying that a mattress is a long-term investment that completely justifies the money you spend on it. So it makes sense that you invest in a high-quality mattress that lasts for years. An orthopedic mattress is typically built with high-resilience foam and a breathable structure that offers good durability and comfort like no other.

Comparing orthopedic mattress with a usual mattress

Orthopedic mattress

Typical mattress


Not breathable enough

Medium firm

Non-uniform distribution

Adequate support

Depletes over time


As it is quite evident from the above, an orthopedic mattress is an absolutely amazing purchase that comes with long-term benefits and value.

When it comes to pricing, we offer the best orthopedic mattress price in India. In fact, our pricing is more affordable than the following:

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The usual ortho gadda price

Want to buy orthopedic mattress online? Need a high-quality ortho mattress online that gives you the very best of the pointers you just read? Then look no further than our range of mattresses at UrbanBed. Once again, we particularly recommend the Ninjaback Orthopedic mattress, the exemplary product in this category! Reach out to us today, and you can see why this orthopedic mattress is one of the finest on the market today.

Some FAQs

Q: Do orthopedic mattresses have a threshold time?

A: Yes. Like every other new product, you’ll need some time to get used to the new mattress. We suggest you should give the mattress at least 5-7 days to get used to it.

Q: Is it a usual occurrence for an orthopedic mattress to have a distinct smell?

A: No. We use water based glue, hence there is no distinct smell in our mattresses. However, as it is a freshly manufactured product, packed almost instantly as it is produced, there may be a smell of a fresh product. Naturally, it will waver away.

Q: Can I fold an orthopedic mattress?

A: Yes, it should only be done when conveying it from one place to another. The mattress should not be kept folded for a long time.

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