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Yoga for Better Sleep: All You Need to Know

Yoga for Better Sleep: All You Need to Know

Yoga is by far one of the best and most effective tools to stay healthy; targeting physical, emotional and spiritual health needs. And that probably is the reason why more and more people across the globe are either switching to Yoga for health or incorporating the ancient Indian art form into their daily workout routines.

Now, yoga is already helping us in more ways than one. But, what if it could do more? Wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake? Since June is the month for better health and better sleep; for physical, mental and emotional wellness, we started digging deep into the history of yoga and came up with one new revelation - Yoga can help you sleep better! Amazing, isn’t it?

Yoga is known for helping with some of the common sleep disorders among children, adult women and elderlies. Regular exposure to yoga can lessen the stress and improve one’s overall mental health, eventually helping them with sleeping difficulties. Yoga also helps with sleep disturbances, prenatal anxiety and depression.

Types of Yoga for Better Sleep
Hatha Yoga: Hatha yoga includes common yoga asanas such as breathing, relaxing exercise that involve breath, body, and mind. These breathing techniques help in increasing your lung capacity, boosting your inhalation, breath-holding and exhalation capacity.

Nidra Yoga:As the name makes it clear, Nidra yoga is performed while lying down, focusing on breathing or perception of certain parts of the body.

Yoga Asanas to Perform Before Going to Bed

Uttanasana (Forward bend while in standing position):

Stand straight and then bend your torso slowly until you achieve the position shown in the image. If you are not a regular yoga practitioner, it might take some time to perfect your posture. Be patient.

Supta Baddha Konasana:

Also known as reclined butterfly. Start with lying on your back and pressing the soles of your feet together. Your knees can fall on the sides while your hands rest on the side too or above your head. Take a look at the image for reference.

Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall):

Lie on your back and raise your legs. You can take support from a wall in the beginning so that your body makes an “L.” However, eventually, you must be able to balance your legs without any support.

Savasana (Corpse pose):

The best of all, Savasana is the closing pose of yoga practices. All you have to do is lie on the floor while resting your arms on your sides. Make sure to keep your palms up, and your legs straight.

Summing up, while yoga can definitely help you sleep better, quality of sleep is also dependent on the kind of bed you sleep on i.e. the mattress you are using, it’s features and it’s quality. So, get started with these Asanas and let us know if they help. Make sure to check our website for mattresses in case you need a new one.