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5 Reasons to Prioritize Better Sleep in 2021

5 Reasons to Prioritize Better Sleep in 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year. A lot of things which happened, couldn't be planned: localised disasters, the global virus outbreak & lockdown, the downfall of economies, and the loss of countless lives. But we somehow managed to survive one of the toughest years the present generation has ever known. And now that we think of it, sound sleep was crucial in this survival journey. Staying indoors, following a routine to ensure a sense of normalcy and sleeping for the required 7-8 hours a day helped us stay calm, manage the stress levels, and be patient.

We are in 2021 and it very much seems like 2020. And thus, it is time to reinforce the importance of sleep in 2021. Below are 5 reasons why sleep should be your number one priority in 2021.

  • 1. Better sleep for a better mental state The panic created by the pandemic has spurred into our daily lives, and into our dreams. And it won’t be wrong to say that the need to focus on mental health is now more than ever. Now there are several ways to keep a check on your mental health but nothing compares to a good night’s sleep. According to Dr. Deirdre Conroy, a University of Michigan behavioral sleep specialist, “good sleep directly influences mental health. It is a step in the right direction for better mental health.”
  • 2. Better sleep for better productivity Remember those nights when you used to work till late, sleep less and wake up all irritated and annoyed the next morning? No matter how hard you tried, focusing on anything including your work seemed like a challenge. And you end up paying with hours of lost productivity and focus. The simplest way to avoid that in 2021 is to ensure sufficient sleep. Ensuring sufficient sleep can help improve your mood and boost your productivity.
  • 3. Sufficient sleep for a stronger immune system We all know how important immunity is at this point of time to get through COVID-led pandemic safely, right? Well, sufficient sleep is one way to ensure a strong immune system. We have already discussed it in detail in one of our previous blogs titled “Sleep & Immunity: Know the Connection”. Give it a read.
  • 4. Sufficient sleep keeps a check on your heart There have been numerous studies and reports which suggest that not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of heart diseases. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to weight gain, hypertension and inflammation (among other risks). Thus, ensure sufficient sleep to keep a check on heart problems.
  • 5. Sound sleep also keeps major health problems at bay Exercise and eating are the key to good health. However, when you don’t sleep, you tend to make wrong decisions about your lifestyle and food habits. Sleep quality is further linked to how your body metabolizes glucose (your blood sugar). Thus, ensuring good quality sleep also helps you keep long-term health problems at bay. Summing up, good quality sleep is crucial to our survival in 2021, and in years ahead. Thus, if you are having trouble sleeping properly, find out why! If it is due to a faulty mattress, head to our website without further delay.