7 Mattress Qualities to Consider for a Perfect Night's Sleep

7 Mattress Qualities to Consider for a Perfect Night's Sleep

In fact, a poor-quality mattress can have an adverse effect on your health and lead to a host of health problems, both in the short and long term. That's the premise of this mattress buying guide.

So here are some signs that your mattress is creating health problems for you, and as such, you should be getting yourself a new mattress ASAP!

  • You wake up with severe back pain.

  • Your mattress for sleep is not firm enough and is either too soft or too hard

  • Your mattress has been around for more than 7-8 years

  • You have disturbed or uncomfortable sleep throughout the night

  • You feel tired throughout the day

  • The structure of the mattress has become saggy and uneven.

In addition, a good mattress for sleep is important to ensure that each day is productive. To be fair, the importance of a mattress for sleeping cannot be emphasized enough. It is an integral part of our daily lives, and if you are looking for a perfect mattress that will give you a perfect night's sleep, then we have what you need!

Our range of high-quality and comfortable mattresses is built to provide you with every important quality that one desires in a mattress. This write-up serves as a perfect mattress buying guide for you and your needs.

We will consider each of the qualities in detail, layout the peculiarities, and highlight the best mattresses from our range. This will make it easy for you to choose from the lot and get yourself exactly what you want from a mattress. So let's begin!


Let us address the elephant in the room first. Mattresses are put to almost continual use, and you can't really expect the mattress to retain the same features (that you got after the purchase) for decades. However, every mattress in the world has a decent lifespan, and that is really the best you can expect out of them.

The durability of a typical mattress is a function of the built and material, and our mattresses offer the perfect blend. Especially our Latex Core Support mattress is a tough nut that lasts for several years without losing much of its bulk, structure, and build.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation refers to the ability of your mattress to absorb or constrain your motion to the area of the mattress your body is in contact with without transmitting the motion to the other parts of the bed. So if you are sharing your bed with a partner and want to enjoy an undisturbed slumber, you would be tremendously grateful for the motion isolation characteristics of your mattress!


It is quite natural for your mattress to accumulate odors throughout the course of its usage, and it is expected from the mattress to dissipate the odors on quick notice, leaving your bed feeling as fresh as always. This property of dissipating the foul odors is known as off-gassing and is crucial to a good night's sleep. A mattress with good off-gassing requires less maintenance than its peers and remains fresh for longer periods of time.

All our mattresses offer good off-gassing and retain their freshness without much maintenance.


Conforming refers to the adjustability of the surface and bulk of the mattress to the contours and shape of your body. It shows how well you fit in with the mattress—the softer the mattress, the better conforming ability.

Temperature neutrality

Our mattresses offer very good temperature neutrality. In particular, the construction of our mattresses offers very good sleeping characteristics compared to the usual memory foam mattresses in the market.

The aerated latex structure of our Latex Core Support mattress does not trap too much heat and paves the way for very good airflow throughout the bulk of the mattress, and makes temperature neutrality one of the primary features of the product.

Edge support

The edge support, quite simply, is the encasement around the edge of the mattress that helps in containing the entire bulk of the mattress in a stable unit. As a result, edge support ensures that your mattress doesn't compress beyond limits when you lay down on it and helps in preventing roll-off of your body from the mattress.

The tough edges of our mattresses contribute towards literally zero roll-off, and this feature even works when you are sleeping near the edges. The mattresses of UrbanBed get the edge here (pun intended).

Noise control

No one likes a squeaky mattress. However, when you are looking to fall asleep, the last thing you want is your mattress (the very object you are sleeping on) to create noise and disturb your sleep.

Our mattresses are built to absorb sound and cancel out any noise that might give you a sleepless night.

Our Mattresses at UrbanBed

Ninja Orthopaedic Mattress

Zen Memory Foam Mattress

Latex Core Support Mattress


If you are having trouble falling asleep, moving around a lot in bed during the night, or feeling drained out the next day, it's high time your mattress needs an upgrade.

We spend a lot of time in bed but not enough time to think about our mattress quality. We refrain from spending money on a new mattress and are happy with what we own. But just like everything in our homes, the lifespan of a mattress for sleep is limited.

When it's time to replace a mattress, you should settle for nothing less than the best. That's why our range of mattresses at UrbanBed is made to ensure that you get the sound sleep you have wanted for so long.

You can rest assured that we have the ideal mattress for you! So get in touch with us to find yours today and start catching up on those ZZZZZs like never before!

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