Buy Foldable Wedge Pillow

Buy Foldable Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are commonly made of polyfoam or memory foam, with a three-sided shape that stays set up better than standard pillows. The point of the wedge pillow can shift contingent upon the level of the pad, and certain levels are superior to others to assuage explicit circumstances. Wedge pillows are frequently utilized all through pregnancy. They can likewise sit up and stare at the TV or read a book in bed easily.

Buy foldable wedge pillow.

A wedge pillow is an orthopaedic pillow that can assist sleepers with a variety of ailments. One of the most well-known utilization of a wedge pillow is to assist with lessening wheezing and side effects of obstructive sleep apnea. Raising the chest area may likewise help sleepers experiencing heartburn, as gravity helps keep with tolerating corrosiveness from ascending the throat.

A wedge pillow's triangular form keeps sleepers at an inclination throughout the night. The level of the wedge pillow differs; however, most are 7 to 12 inches high. A wedge pillow's shape is adaptable, allowing sleepers to position their head and neck or support their back and shoulders while sitting up in bed. They can likewise be utilized to raise the legs and help with further improving blood circulation.

Back sleepers and side sleepers the same have viewed wedge pillows as advantageous, as these pillows can help with ease of strain on the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Wedge pillows are frequently prescribed for pregnant ladies to offer extra help and strain alleviation.

Most wedge pillows are built with foam, which helps them keep a reliable shape and level of support for sleepers. You can buy foldable wedge pillow without any second thoughts!

Choosing the right wedge pillow

Since there is a lot many wedge pillows available, customers ought to remember the accompanying to help them make a purchase. Wedge pillows offer numerous advantages for sleepers, yet there are a few significant variables to consider while looking for a wedge pillow. These pillows are accessible in various sizes, shapes, and grades, all of which oblige specific needs and inclinations. Understanding the features will help customers focus on what is generally vital to them to choose the best wedge pillow for their needs.

  • The inclination of a wedge cushion can be estimated in inches or degrees. Most wedge pillows have 6 to 12 inches or 30 to 45 degrees. A lower inclination is frequently liked by sleepers who utilize a wedge pillow under their knees and legs. Sleepers commonly use mid-level inclines with acid reflux or sleep apnea. A higher incline can be gainful for customers who intend to utilize the pillow to sit up in bed.
  • Wedge pillows are regularly built with a strong foam block, so most are medium-firm to firm. This helps the pillow maintain its shape throughout the sleep, supporting sleepers and raising them. Medium-firm wedge pillows might be more agreeable for side sleepers, while back sleepers frequently incline toward a firm surface.
  • Customers will need to search for a wedge pillow that directs temperature, assuming they will generally rest hot. Foam will, in general, hold heat, yet some wedge pillows go to lengths to counterbalance this propensity. This might incorporate gel-infused foam to draw heat away from the body or a breathable cover that builds airflow and wicks out intensity and dampness
  • Wedge pillows measure 20 to 24 creeps in both length and width, with changing levels that decide the incline angle. The size and shape of a wedge pillow keep sleepers raised throughout the sleep. Since wedge pillows can be bigger than standard pillows, customers should remember their sleeping pillow size while shopping. Those with a twin or full bedding might need to pick more modest wedge cushions, while customers with a queen or king mattress can choose bigger sizes.
  • Wedge pillows are routinely used to free strain in various body regions.These pillows can be created out of memory foam, which is known for conforming to the curve of the body for superior pressure relief.The position of the wedge pillow can likewise influence how much pressure relief sleepers get. A wedge pillow under the knees can lessen tension on the lower back, while one utilized under the chest can ease the strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • The weight of a wedge pillow relies upon the kind and thickness of foam used to build it. Lighter pillows are simpler to move or change depending on the situation, yet weighted pillows are bound to remain set up on the bed.
  • The quality of materials utilized influences the life expectancy of the pillow. For the individuals who intend to use the wedge pillow daily, choosing one made with top-notch materials will guarantee the pillow keeps up with its shape. Low-thickness foam is bound to degrade or droop with continued use.

Individuals who should buy foldable wedge pillow

Numerous sleepers might profit from utilizing a wedge pillow, including the people who experience the ill effects of unfortunate flow, ongoing torment, indigestion, and rest apnea. We'll detail the sorts of people who might profit from using a wedge pillow and the advantages of utilizing a wedge pillow here.

  • Sleepers with poor blood circulation can put a wedge pillow under their feet and legs to help with empowering the bloodstream to the heart. This holds blood back from gathering in the lower legs and diminishes strain on the veins. Raising the legs can assist with lessening swelling and regulating blood circulation to prevent blood clumps. Leg raise is additionally gainful for sleepers with varicose veins and profound vein apoplexy. The wedge pillow should have a sufficiently high inclination to keep the legs above heart level.
  • A wedge pillow can help with advancing legitimate spinal alignment and ease the strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. Sleepers with constant pain here might need to consider a wedge pillow with memory foam that adjusts to the state of the body and eases pressure. Those with lower back agony might get relief from a wedge pillow with a low incline that can be put under the knees to ease the strain on the lumbar area.
  • Heartburn happens when a stomach corrosive enters the throat. Keeping the head and shoulders at an inclination can help keep acid in the stomach, as gravity keeps it from ascending the throat. A wedge pillow that stretches out from the head to the hips to keep the whole chest area raised might be most valuable.
  • Clog or obstructive sleep apnea is a common cause of snoring. A wedge pillow can help sinus sufferers sleep better by channelling the sinuses and relieving pressure. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax and the tongue and tissues restrict the airway.Maintaining an elevated head and neck can assist in keeping the airway open. A wedge pillow with a higher inclination is normally suggested.
  • Side resting is suggested for pregnant ladies, and a wedge pillow can be utilized to keep pregnant ladies from moving onto their backs as they rest. Furthermore, pregnant ladies might encounter indigestion, which can be eased with a wedge pillow. Individuals who experience lower back pain, pressure, and restless legs can utilize a wedge pillow under the legs.
  • A contoured wedge pillow can help ease tension on the neck and shoulders for side sleepers. This sort of wedge pillow helps keep the spine adjusted while forestalling pressure points from creating. A wedge pillow with changing memory foam is particularly useful for side sleepers with sharp strain focuses or shoulder pain.
  • A wedge pillow can help back sleepers feel great by supporting the chest area and advancing spinal alignment. Back sleepers mostly like a lower slant.
  • A wedge pillow can be utilized as a head or backrest for people who like to sit up in bed. This sort of pillow permits clients to set themselves up without requiring different pillows. It likewise remains set up more without any problem. A higher inclination makes it easier to sit in front of the TV in bed.

Buy foldable wedge pillow with UrbanBed.

If you are looking for something that can help you work for long hours and is ideal for working from home, consider a foldable wedge pillow from UrbanBed. This double wedge pillow can be utilized as a leg rest for help from leg pain or can be folded to frame a versatile lapwork area for working from the solace of your bed. The pillow helps lift the body part that requires support and helps decrease the strain on the hips, stomach, neck, back, and legs. In addition, a double wedge pillow can help against sensitivities, snoring, breathing issues, and acid reflux. Finally, the two-way solace given by this wedged pillow allows the client to sit or rest easily.


Now that you know so many advantages of using a wedge pillow, it is time that you buy foldable wedge pillow for your comfort. Wedge pillows can be purchased online or in-store. The best wedge pillows can be ordered straight from the manufacturer, according to our top selections. While looking for a pillow online, customers ought to painstakingly think about the company's return policy, sleep trial, and guarantee coverage. You can buy foldable wedge pillow from UrbanBed, which comes with a 1 -year warranty, and experience comfort and luxury at its best.

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