Finding the Perfect Mattress – 4 Step Guide

Finding the Perfect Mattress – 4 Step Guide

According to the CDC, the lack of sleep is likely to increase the risk of heart disease, depression, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. But what exactly causes the ‘loss of sleep’ in the first place? Though it could be due to several reasons such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, afternoon naps, etc. If you can’t relate to any of these, it’s probably your old mattress.

The average lifespan of a mattress is 8-10 years (UrbanBed mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, and can last longer if maintained properly i.e. no jumping, running and pillow fights on the mattress), after which replacing the mattress becomes inevitable. But, one shouldn’t always depend on the numbers. The decision of whether or not to replace your old mattress should be based on how you feel sleeping on it. If the feeling of sleeping on your mattress has been replaced from relaxed dreams to dreadful nightmares, it’s probably time to look for a new one.

How to find your perfect mattress?

Buying a new mattress is a significant decision. More than money, it is about the time you’ll have to invest in pre-purchase research. Why? Because the quality of your new mattress will determine the quality of sleep you will get every night. Got chills down the spine? Don’t worry, you don’t have to lose your sleep over choosing a new mattress. We’ve burnt the midnight oil ourselves and have come up with this 6-step guide to help you find your perfect mattress.

1. What type of mattress do you need?

When it comes down to mattresses, there are more than one available in the market. Knowing exactly which type to buy is an added advantage, but if you are yet to figure that out, it’s okay. The type of mattress that’ll work for you is based on your personal preferences i.e. what are your expectations from your new mattress? UrbanBed’s Zen Memory Foam Mattress is suitable for those who want body-hugging, shaping, contour, pressure relief, and support. The Core Dual Support Orthopaedic Mattresses are great for people who want higher comfort with support to promote natural spine alignmen. If you still need help, you can talk to a sleep expert or use the Mattress Recommendation Questionnaire to find your perfect mattress.

2. What firmness do you prefer?

As shared in our previous blog, Mattress Firmness’ is the initial feel your body experiences when you first lie down on a mattress. The feel would differ in each case. Now, your new mattress could be soft, medium soft, firm, medium-firm, and hard, depending on how you prefer it. But, to make the right choice, you must define the firmness of the new mattress and choose accordingly. For instance, the UrbanBed Zen Memory Foam Mattresses have a firmness score of 5/10 whereas the Core Dual Support Orthopaedic Mattress falls in between 6-8/10 on the firmness scale. For more help on ‘Mattress Firmness’, refer to our mattress firmness guide.

3. Characteristics of a mattress to consider

Finding a mattress that matches your requirements i.e. your body's shape, comfort preference, and lifestyle depends on two essential mattress characteristics: size and thickness. Talking about the mattress size, the numbers vary from one brand to another. But, having an idea of the fundamental sizes available would help you pick the right product for yourself.

Moving on to the thickness, the depth of your mattress should be per your weight. Thicker mattresses are likely to serve heavy users better, while light sleepers might enjoy thinner mattresses more.

P.S: UrbanBed mattresses are available in 6 inches and 8 inches thickness variations, perfectly suitable for both light sleepers and heavyweight sleepers. However, if the given thickness isn’t comfortable enough, add an extra layer of comfort with our mattress topper. The topper adds an extra two inch on your mattress, striking a balance between too thick and too thin, providing the required support and comfort.

4. What more to consider before buying a mattress?

Adjusting to a new mattress takes time. Your body might get used to the new mattress instantly or it may even take months for you to sleep peacefully. While you already know it, we want you to consider that while buying a new mattress. Consider the brand features such as the different warranties available with the mattress, the product delivery and the payment options. For instance, at UrbanBed we offer free doorstep delivery services, a 120 nights free trial period and 15 years of warranty on all our mattresses. These features go a long way in ensuring a peaceful sleep for you while your body is adjusting to the new mattress at its own pace. Going to sleep is a fantastic experience that you should always look forward to and enjoy. But, if your old mattress is denying you that experience, then it needs to go. Follow the above-listed steps to replace your mattress with a new one and restore your sleeping experience.
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