Here’s Why You Need an UrbanBed Mattress Topper

Here’s Why You Need an UrbanBed Mattress Topper

Over the last couple of years, mattress toppers have gained a higher market presence. A larger share of sleep enthusiasts know about it and it's benefits. More and more people are buying it for all the amazing benefits the product offers. However, as a mattress manufacturing company based in India, we still get occasional questions from random customers asking about the need for mattress toppers. Thus, in this blog, we’ll be talking about Mattress Toppers - everything that you need to know about the revolutionary product, and why it’s a blessing for a better sleep. Read on to find more.

What is a Mattress Topper?
As the name suggests, mattress toppers add an extra layer of cushioning and comfort to your mattress.Doing so reduces the pressure on your mattress, prolonging its life span and delaying any sagging or general wear.

  • 1. Extends the life of your mattress We’ve said this time and again that even though we offer a 15 year warranty on our mattresses, they can easily last for longer. All you need to do is use the mattresses carefully and do the right things to add to its life. One of those things we suggest is topping your mattress with a mattress protector. A mattress topper helps extend the lifespan of your mattress by distributing its weight more evenly.
  • 2. Instant mattress adaptation Your body might take some time adjusting to your new mattress. For instance, in the beginning, the new mattress might feel too soft or too firm. You can top up your mattress with a mattress topper to ensure an instant fix.
    You can also use a mattress topper in case you and your partner have different firmness level requirements. For instance, if you like your bed softer compared to your partner who prefers a harder mattress, you can use the topper to add that extra firmness without spending too much.
  • 3. To revive your old mattress Sometimes replacing your old mattress is the only solution. But, if the timing is not right for you or you simply want to delay the purchase, you can use a mattress topper instead. A mattress topper can breathe new life into the old mattress until you can make the investment.

Why UrbanBed Topper V/s Others?

UrbanBed Mattress Topper Others
Viscoflex Memory Foam FIlled foam. Unhygienic, harmful, and uncomfortable foam.
Contour Cut for better air circulation & maximum support N/A
2 Inch 1 Inch
Comes with elastic for easy installation N/A
Comparatively affordable Price is slightly higher

Summing up, the benefits of a mattress topper are many. And the only way to leverage the benefits of this amazing mattress, all you need to do is buy one. Visit our website and order a mattress topper for that much needed extra layer of comfort.

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