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How to Pick the Perfect Mattress for a Good Night's Sleep

How to choose a good mattress for sleeping?

Initially, figure out how much money you want to spend on a new mattress. Next, recognize your key features and requirements, like body shape and sleeping position? Once you've checked those boxes, you can start thinking about individual mattress characteristics - and there are many to think about when choosing a good mattress for sleeping.


It is a high chance that you grew up sleeping on an innerspring mattress. But unfortunately, the innerspring mattress, once a popular and economical alternative, is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Steel springs inside the mattress, either in one continuous coil or coils individually pocketed in fabric, are used in a real innerspring mattress. A tiny layer of cushioning sits above the coils to keep them from peeking out.

Most contemporary "innerspring" mattresses have enough comfort layers atop the springs to qualify as "hybrid." These mattresses are often firmer and bouncy than foam beds.

Because they are all linked, continuous coil devices are typically unable to prevent motion transfer between sleepers. Therefore, if you share a bed with a partner, search for a mattress with individually wrapped coils. 


You've probably heard of memory foam, but there are other types of foam mattresses as well.

Polyurethane foam is frequently used as the bottom layer in many foam mattresses. In addition, some less expensive beds are entirely constructed of this foam, giving them a firmer sensation.

Open-cell foam is less thick and more breathable than memory foam. It may seem colder and more sensitive to your body pressure.

Memory foam cushions and molds to your body to reduce discomfort and pressure. However, it is known to retain heat, making many sleepers uncomfortable.

Many mattress manufacturers build foam blends by adding gel or holes to enhance ventilation and regulate mattress temperature.

Latex foam

If you are someone who is allergic to latex, you should avoid latex mattresses. On the other hand, others may find them cooler and more responsive than memory foam.

Latex beds are suitable for people who change their sleeping position often. They're noted for providing the comfort of foam without trapping sleepers in one position.

If you want a foam mattress but wish to purchase organically, look for latex choices, as organic memory foam mattresses do not exist. However, many latex mattresses are natural or organic since they can be constructed from plant-based components.

Latex foam is also frequently more durable than memory foam, significantly boosting its price.


A coil spring foundation is sandwiched between layers of latex or foam in hybrid mattresses. This results in a balance of solid support and comfort that many individuals prefer.

While hybrids may not be the greatest choice for persons who want extremely soft beds, they are suitable for various body types and sleeping positions. In addition, hybrid mattresses frequently maintain a more pleasant resting temperature because their design allows for greater ventilation than mattresses constructed completely of foam.

The spring coils in hybrid mattresses make them more durable than foam mattresses. But, unfortunately, they are also generally more pricey.


You can take an inflatable bed camping with you, but you can also buy a somewhat better one for daily usage. For enhanced comfort, airbeds typically feature foam or other cushioning on top for daily use.

People with variable support needs may benefit from air mattresses with adjustable firmness. Adjusting the mattress to your preferred firmness level each night may improve spinal alignment and minimize discomfort. Just make sure to look for a high-quality alternative with a solid guarantee.


The firmness of a mattress reflects how it feels under your body. Firmness is normally measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest bed available.

The hardness of a mattress can also vary based on its manufacturing and brand. For example, a six from one brand may feel like a five from another, and a medium-firm hybrid may feel firmer than a medium-firm foam mattress. Therefore, it is critical to test your new mattress and ensure it provides adequate support.

Longo suggests getting the firmest mattress possible while still getting a good night's sleep. But, of course, your mattress isn't firm enough if you're lying awake or tossing and turning to feel comfortable.

However, you need to keep in mind that your body may require some time to adjust to a new mattress, especially if it's firmer than your previous one. So allow 3–4 weeks for the breaking-in process.


A foam mattress can provide adequate support for people of average weight. However, heavier people may like the increased solidity of coils beneath the foam.

Support also includes whether or not you sink into the bed. Some individuals want to be cushioned by the bed, while others prefer to lie firmly. Mattresses with coil systems often give more firm support, keeping you on the mattress rather than in it.

If you sleep alone, you may not think much about the edges of your bed, but if you share your bed with a spouse, move around a lot, or sit on the edge of your bed to get dressed, adequate edge support may make all the difference.

If the edges of your bed are weak, you may notice that it gives way quickly when you sit on it. If your spouse rolls you to the edge and you feel like you're about to fall to the floor, this might be dangerous at night.

Look for mattresses with reinforced edges if you need adequate edge support. Customer evaluations may frequently provide a more accurate image of how much edge support a mattress provides.

Mattress height

While some low-cost mattresses are as low as 9 inches (or less), 10 inches is a pretty normal mattress height. Mattresses under 10 inches will not provide as much support or durability.

Some mid-range and premium mattresses measure 13 or 14 inches in height, but higher isn't necessarily better. If you have a lighter bodyweight, you may not require extra support. Therefore, the mattress may seem overly hard.

Taller mattresses might also make getting into and out of bed more difficult. Consider this if you have a limited range of motion or a tall bed frame.

You may also want fresh linens for a higher mattress. Most regular sheets only suit mattresses up to 14 inches wide.

Motion isolation

This is a must-have feature for couples who sleep together. The capacity of the mattress to protect you from feeling each of your partner's movements at night is referred to as motion isolation.

You can turn over to the other side, stretch, and even get out of bed with good motion isolation.

Foam mattresses usually tend to isolate motion better than other mattresses, but opt for a hybrid with individually wrapped coils if you don't want an all-foam bed.

Temperature regulation and cooling

The temperature of your bed may significantly impact the quality of your sleep. If you are too hot, you may wake up sweating or have difficulty sleeping.

Cooling mattresses include particular characteristics meant to keep you cool while you sleep, such as:

  • air cell or open-cell foam
  • gel infusions
  • mattress covers made from phase-changing, moisture-wicking, or stay-cool fabrics

Customer reviews for mattresses can help provide a more accurate picture of whether the cooling features mentioned in the mattress description work.


In recent years, the mattress-in-a-box sector has exploded. Many internet mattresses arrive compressed and wrapped into a box. When you open the package, your mattress instantly inflates and emits an odd odor.

This stench is caused by the numerous chemicals that make your mattress flame-resistant. It may be uncomfortable, but it is not always hazardous.

Mattresses with the CertiPUR-US certification frequently have an odor, despite this certification ensuring they do not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Even some natural or organic mattresses have an odd smell when initially unwrapped.

Customer reviews frequently cite off-gassing. If you're extremely sensitive to odors, you might want to hear what others say.

This smell usually goes away after a few days, especially if you put the mattress near an open window.