Importance of Foot Rest for Work from Home routine

Importance of Foot Rest for Work from Home routine

To comfort and reduce the risk of accidents and suffering, having a well-set-up workplace is critical. You hear a lot about ergonomic office furniture when supporting your body at work.

Are you curious about the effects of a footrest?

Lift your feet into a more comfortable posture and provide extra resting spots. The ergonomic workstation footrest is based on a simple yet effective concept. You'll undoubtedly shift your legs about during the day once you have additional locations to rest your feet. Unpretentious variety in positions — or movement — is facilitated by choices. Moving your feet and legs at work is, without a doubt, beneficial to your health, comfort, and productivity.

The advantages of employing a foot rest under desk are as follows:

Sitting at the Right Place

Maintaining proper posture is critical, which requires keeping your hips slightly higher than your knees. You should also shift your feet around rather than keep them flat on the floor. Using a foot rest will assist you in keeping your feet in the appropriate position, reducing strain on the back of your legs. Select a footrest that is adjustable and provides total foot support.

Increased Mobility 

Sitting or lying for long periods without moving, blood circulation can be affected by sitting or lying. Keeping your feet elevated on an ergonomic foot rest reduces the risk of developing circulation issues. Additionally, you should alter your hips, elevate your arms, move your feet, and just modify your body posture as often as possible during the day. It's also crucial to take frequent breaks; 10 minutes every hour is a good rule of thumb.

Correct abnormalities in the lower back

Your spine will be under a lot of strained if you sit on an office chair with your feet incorrectly positioned for too long. A foot rest allows you to sit in the chair correctly (all the way back) while maintaining optimal ergonomic angles and decreasing strain on your spine and back. Furthermore, using the footrest raises the point of contact with the back support significantly, and sitting slightly reclined reduces muscle activity around the spine. When you utilize a foot rest, you may accomplish all of these advantages.

Enhances feelings of comfort

According to several studies, employees who are more at ease are more productive. After all, pain is a disturbance that makes it difficult for an individual to stay focused. In addition, a footrest helps relieve tension and improve posture while also reducing leg pain.

Foot rest continue to be disregarded, even though ergonomic workstations have increased attention recently. However, a footrest can give much-needed respite even for individuals who use a standing desk since it allows them to transfer their weight.

In fact, as standing workstations become more common, some footrests are great for this configuration. In certain circumstances, adding a well-designed footrest to your standing desk will let you stand for up to 30 percent longer.

Ensure that you and your team maintain open communication. Encourage your team to use healthy, proactive tactics in the workplace to boost morale, motivation, and, of course, productivity.

Why should you use a footrest from URBANBED? 

The foot rest provided by UrbanBed supports your feet that aids in keeping proper posture at work or at home. To reduce discomfort and tension from pressure regions, slide this workstation foot rest between or under your thighs, knees, calves, heel, or foot. Because of its multi-angled construction, flipping this will also act as a leg rest. At the same time, the anti-skid substance at the rear allows your feet to rest in a comfortable posture.

With a washable cover made of fine-knitted cloth, the foot rest is composed of sturdy, firm foam that keeps it solid and undamaged. This foot rest under the desk prevents blood clots, relieves lower back pain, reduces swelling in the feet, and improves posture. This foot rest was created by UrbanBed in such a manner that it stimulates appropriate leg mobility while also providing comfort.

With the purchase of the desk foot rest, you will receive free doorstep delivery and a one-year guarantee. It is one of the greatest foot rests found on the internet. It enables healthier, more consistent blood flow and is a must-have item. The price of the foot rest has also been kept low compared to the number of features it offers. So order today and use it to give your legs the comfort they deserve when working, sitting, or even gaming.

We're here to provide assistance in creating the most productive and happy work environment possible. To learn more about what we have to offer, go to or contact us at 18001020280.

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