#SummerSnooze: Making Your Bedroom Summer Ready

#SummerSnooze: Making Your Bedroom Summer Ready

Summer is right around the corner. And as the mercury level goes up, falling asleep is going to get tougher. So before that happens, we have a few tips which can help you maximize your sleeping environment. Read on to find out and ensure a good quality sleep this summer.

Associate your room/ bed only with sleep
As a child, when we are learning more about life, we understand the use of things in life by watching adults. For instance, a chair is for sitting, clothes are for wearing, etc. The same applies to our brain when it comes to sleep and its association with a bed. The reason someone is not falling right into slumber after crawling into their bed is that their brain is not able to associate the bed with sleep immediately. This can happen if you are into munching on the bed, watching movies for hours while you lay down, and scrolling through your newsfeed while trying to sleep. To be able to fall asleep immediately as you go to your bed, you must refrain from doing all such activities on the bed and keep it reserved only for sleep and related things.

Make some changes to your bedroom
Your bedroom setting is vital to ensure good quality sleep consistently. Thus, if you feel your bedroom environment is not conducive to sleep and staying in sleep, making some changes to your bedroom is highly recommended. Take a look below at some of our recommendations.

  • Use soothing and appealing colours: Use soothing and appealing colours: Your bedroom interiors should not only reflect your style but also foster a sense of calmness, inducing sleep. The same applies to everything - your bedroom walls, door, paintings, furniture, etc. Talking about the colour, go with something that makes you feel at ease during bedtime. For most people, it is the softer colours. But personalization is the key to success - choose a colour that appeals the most to you.
  • Eliminate the cramped feeling: Irrespective of the size of your bedroom, you must avoid the cramped feeling. Optimize the underused spaces in your bedroom such as under the bed, vertical wells for things that can be hung on the wall, etc. to keep the room as stress-free as possible.
  • Reduce the clutter: Visual clutter can also lead to stress, making it harder to fall asleep. Having too many things in your bedroom or disorganized items can reinforce anxious feelings, making it hard for you to relax and sleep. To tackle this, you can declutter your bedroom to a possible extent.
  • Make your bed & bedroom feel welcoming: Every space should foster a different kind of feeling: for your bedroom, it should be warm and welcoming. A place where you can unwind and feel at home. To inculcate the required amount of warmth and homeliness, you can add a few pictures of your loved ones, cherished objects or things related to a memory you enjoy.

Find out if your mattress is at fault?
Body pain, deformation, hygiene issues, allergies, joint soreness and lack of sleep - these are signs that you are sleeping on a bad mattress. And a bad mattress can be a significant contributor to bad quality of sleep. Find out if that’s the case with you or not. If it is, believe us it is time for you to get yourself a new mattress from UrbanBed. Read our previous blogs or use the mattress recommendation questionnaire for help selecting the right mattress for yourself. Any of our three mattresses can help make your summer a blissful sleeping experience.

Make sure to choose the right size mattress. Even if you end up buying the wrong size, don’t fret, we offer 120 Trial Nights and 15 Years of Warranty.

The practical set up of your room that foster sleep

  • Light: Turn the lights off or keep the room as dark as possible before bedtime. You can keep use a side lamp - not too bright if you don’t wish to go completely dark.
  • Sound: Make sure the room is noise-free before sleeping. If outside noise is beyond your control, a noise machine can help drown the sound.
  • Smell: Having the right smell in your room can help induce sleep faster. Though smell doesn’t impact sleep that much but the right smell can help cultivate a calming environment for getting quality rest.
  • Air Quality: Ventilation and fresh air is often associated with good sleep. Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is a significant one. So, ensure proper ventilation in your bedroom
  • Temperature: Your bedroom temperature should be comfortable; not too hot nor too cold. Switch to a fan if you don’t have a thermostat to control the temperature.

If you need more suggestions or want to buy a new mattress, do visit our website.

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