The Best Sunrise Alarms to Help You Rise and Shine

The Best Sunrise Alarms to Help You Rise and Shine

Imagine waking up to a sunrise with the soothing light of the sun gradually caressing you, and you wake up slowly and smoothly instead of getting up in a jolt!

In fact, some of these sunrise alarms can be set to control the time taken to reach daylight, or in other words, the most brightness you can get. Other sunrise alarms have a predetermined time period, typically ranging from half an hour to forty minutes. 

In addition, most sunrise alarms also have an audio feature. Overall, these alarms can mimic the coming of dawn and help you wake up naturally and without the frustration of an alarm clock.

How do sunrise alarms help in sleeping better? 

It is worth noting that the sunrise alarm is meant to simulate direct sunlight for helping you sleeping better. It is based on the premise that light is vital to our circadian rhythm. To be more precise, light mimicking sunrise can be perceived by the eyeballs in conjunction with the part of the brain associated with our circadian rhythm, thereby helping you wake up more easily and naturally. 

As such, getting exposed to the morning sunlight, regardless of the fact that it's a simulation of sunrise, can wake you up through the inhibition of the melatonin hormone from the pineal gland in the brain. It should be noted that darkness can activate the melatonin hormone while light can suppress the hormone. 

Sunrise alarms have garnered a lot of popularity in parts of the world where there are invariable periods of sunlight. Through this artificial mimicking of the sunlight, one can have a proper sleep schedule.  

Our circadian rhythm corresponds with the reducing light towards the end of the day and helps us in sleeping better. Correspondingly, our circadian is also in sync with increasing sunlight and starts our waking cycle a part of a 24-hour period.  

How effective are sunrise alarms? 

Using light in a predetermined manner with regard to time helps in sleeping better and it contributes to a good mood and well-being. It, in fact, optimizes the circadian rhythm and can help people wake up more effectively. In addition, the light from sunrise alarms can also help you focus better and eliminate drowsiness easily. 

So if you have trouble sleeping and are looking to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, a sunrise alarm is exactly what you need. 

This write-up entails the best sunrise alarms that you can buy for yourself and start sleeping better! Let's get started!  

The best sunrise alarms to wake up to

  • Hatch Restore
Hatch is among the premier companies in the realm of sunrise alarm clocks, and it is easy to see why. While it is indeed on the costlier side, it is totally worth the price. The Hatch Restore Sunrise alarm is aesthetically pleasing, possesses high functionality, and can be customized easily. So it has become one of the most sought-after sunrise alarms that help people in sleeping better. It is worth noting that this clock doesn’t come with a snooze button and is dependent on an app, therefore requiring a WiFi network to function. Additionally, it needs an electrical socket where it can be plugged in. 
  • Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light
The Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light is lesser in price and promises to help you wake up feeling energized and in a good mood. This amazing sunrise alarm is equipped with 20 different intensities of light to help you choose your own magnitudes of brightness, 5 different audio features that correspond to nature, and simulations of both sunset and sunrise. This helps your body to wake up naturally by altering the levels of light that suits your preferences seamlessly. While it is not usually recommended, the sunrise also comes with a snooze button. So if you are looking for a custom experience with your sunrise alarm, then look no further than the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light! 
  • Jall Wake-Up Light
The Jall Wake-Up Light is just like the Philips version but it's lower in price. It's a highly regarded sunrise alarm that comes with a host of amazing features. It comes with adjustable brightness, a range of seven different colours of light to choose from, and one can select from cold to warm colours as per their preferences.
The simulation for the sunrise can be increased from 10% to 100% with regard to the time period chosen by you. This time period is usually between 10 minutes to half an hour. Not to mention, there are seven different audio features that make it just perfect for you. If all this wasn't enough already, there is also the provision of a reading light. To sum it up, if anyone needs to sleep peacefully in complete darkness and needs a high quality sunrise alarm at an affordable price.  
  • Casper Glow Light
Casper has become a well-established name for its superior quality of sunrise alarm and other products for sleep. While this alarm typically comes with the Casper Glow app, you can use the product even without the app. That said, the Casper Glow app is extremely helpful as it lets you customize your wake-up time seamlessly from your smartphone.

When you go to sleep, the product emits a slow, dim, and comforting light. You will end up waking up to an energetic light in the morning. The buttons for the lights, their brightness, and on-off are very ergonomic and simple. One of the best aspects of the Casper Glow Light is its portability, that you can use to find your way through the darkness at night. Want a wireless, easy-to-use, portable, and high-quality sunrise alarm? The Casper Glow Light is perfect for you!


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