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We Can Help You Avoid Nightmares!

We Can Help You Avoid Nightmares!

Think of that moment when you slowly drift into sleep, your eyelids flutter and finally shut down, and the wall between reality and dreams disappears. At that moment, you see something happening, something that terrifies every inch of your body. You want to do something about it but you fail. Then suddenly you wake up and realize that it was just a bad dream. You are relieved but only now you don’t want to go back to sleep anymore. Because you feel the nightmare might return and you don’t want that.

Now, the question is, has it ever happened to you?

Nightmares are very common and range from mild to severely bad dreams. For instance, it can be about a dentist badly pulling out your teeth to you losing someone, etc. Now, they may be nightmares but can cause a lingering sense of discomfort and a constant dread for someone to even fall asleep.

However, knowing how important sleep is to your overall health and wellbeing, we can’t let that happen. That’s why we’ve consulted every sleep expert we can and have come up with these tips which can keep nightmares at bay.

  • Make comfortable sleep a priority. Find a good, ergonomically designed bed and an equally comfortable, compatible mattress to sleep on. Clearing off these two from your checklist can do wonders for your sleep quality. We have plenty of options on our website. Do check em out.
  • Work towards achieving a sense of cleanness. Pick up the broom and clean your bedroom. A clean and inviting room can also help you ensure a nightmare-free sleep.
  • Focus on a routine. Nightmares can also be a result of a lack of routine, especially when it comes to sleep. To fix that, create and adapt yourself according to a sleep-wake routine. Make sure to stick to it.
  • Create a stress-free sleep atmosphere. Your nightmares are often associated with things you are thinking about before you go to bed. This could be about your work or something else that is stressing you out. If that is true, you need to work on creating a pleasant, stress-free atmosphere to ensure better sleep. Adding fresh flowers into your room decor or a nice fragrance can also help.
  • Relax your mind before sleep. Reading a good book or listening to soft music can also help.
  • Avoid stimulating beverages before sleep Avoiding things like coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, soft drinks and black tea, etc. and nicotine will definitely help.
  • Maintain a gap between bed time and dinner. Having dinner right before you go to bed works up your metabolism, which in return activates the brain and keeps you awake or results in bad dreams. If you find it tough to maintain the gap, maybe add a little time for a post-dinner walk.
  • Communicate. Talking about your bad experiences is often the best solution to get over it or find peace with it. Thus, whenever you have a bad dream and nothing else works, talk about it with your friends or family.

Lastly, nightmares, at times, are about more than just bad sleep hygiene or stress. These are times when you should seek professional help without hesitating.
Hope you like the blog! And Good Night!