Your Ultimate Sheet Guide to the Perfect Thread Count for Sheets

Your Ultimate Sheet Guide to the Perfect Thread Count for Sheets

However, the numerous options available, ranging from material to weave to thread count, can make the bed sheet purchasing procedure difficult. To benefit you to get the most out of your bed purchase mattress online from URBANBED. URBANBED has broken down all of the numerous considerations you'll have to make when selecting the appropriate bedsheets. Now, you may purchase mattress online from a variety of internet stores.

The number of yarns or thread woven into a square inch of fabric is known as the thread count. This also refers to how tightly the threads are woven together. Sheets with a higher thread count have less room in the weave, while sheets with a lower thread count have more.

If you prefer cotton sheets, you'll want to pay special attention to the thread count. This is because cotton comes in various styles, each with its own set of characteristics. So, of course, thread count can be found in various fabrics.

Thicker, less refined threads are associated with a lower thread count. Extremely high thread counts, on the other hand, can result in less durable sheets that break or wear thin more easily. A greater thread count means the sheets will feel silkier and softer, while a lower thread count means the sheets will feel crisper.

Even when it comes to cotton, it's vital to remember that thread count isn't everything. A lower thread count and longer staple fiber might feel more luxurious and last longer than a higher thread count and shorter staple fiber. A manufacturer can increase the thread count of a bedsheet (and hence the apparent value) without increasing the quality.

What Exemplifies Sheets?

When looking for high-quality linens, thread count isn't the only factor. Take a look at the fibres, staple length, and weave pattern of a sheet; when considered together, these elements outweigh the impact of thread count on fabric quality: fibers, staple length, and feel, durability & appearance.


Cotton, polyester, bamboo, and other fibres are offered in sheet sets. The type of fibre impacts the longevity, appearance, and maintenance requirements of a bedsheet, among other things. Fabrics like linen, bamboo, Egyptian cotton, and Tencel are popular since they're sturdy and soft. However, personal choice can have a role in fibre selection, such as whether you favour the feel and appearance of silk or satin. Also, if you get cold easily at night, fleece or flannel sheets may be preferable to Tencel or cotton sheets.

Length of a Staple

The length of fibres used to make a fabric like cotton or wool is a staple length. Short, long, and extra-long staples are the most popular. This is because the fabric feels softer as the staple length grows longer. Because they're light, smooth, and sturdy, long and extra-long staples are considered high-quality.

On the other hand, short-staple fabrics are frequently rough and thick, making them unsuitable as bed sheets. Denim, towels, and t-shirts, on the other hand, are commonly made from short-staple fabric.


Warp and weft threads are intertwined in a weave pattern. Therefore, the feel, look and weave influence the durability of cloth. Percale & sateen are two of the most frequent and durable weaves.

Percale has a sharp, matte appearance. Percale sheets are lightweight and cool to the touch, making them ideal for hot nights. Though they hold more heat than percale sheets, sateen sheets feel soft, smooth, and luxurious.

The optimal thread count for various types of sheets is listed below.

  • Cotton Sheets: 200 - 400  
  • Egyptian Cotton Sheets: 400 - 700 
  • Bamboo Sheets: near to 300 
  • Linen Sheet : 80 - 130 
  • Percale sheets: You can go as low as 180, but 200 to 300 is the sweet spot.
  • Sateen Sheet: 300 - 600 

Thread counts aren't used to measure silk sheets, flannel sheets, or microfiber sheets. 

Is It Healthier to Have a Higher Thread Count?

A greater thread count can be beneficial in some cases, but it isn't the only element to consider when buying sheets. Remember that thread count is frequently employed as a marketing ploy and isn't necessarily a reliable measure of quality.

When purchasing a new set of sheets, consider that quality trumps quantity.  Different fibres or threads can be found in sheets, and as previously stated, there are thread counts to search for. Unfortunately, some of the highest-quality items, such as silk sheets, don't have a thread count. It all arises from personal preference when it comes to buying sheets.

Is it Important to Have a High Thread Count?

Yes, to put it bluntly. However, it isn't the primary consideration for purchasers when they buy mattress online, as previously stated. However, there is a reason that thread count is important.

Sheets with a lower thread count have greater gaps between their weave, allowing more air to pass through. So if you sleep hot or prefer to sleep cool, sheets with a lesser thread count are a good option. 

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