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Features/Benefits - MULTI PURPOSE DESIGN: Our Foldable Foam Wedge Pillow features a foldable design technology which can support usage for the head, back, or as the perfect leg wedge pillow. Measuring 22” wide and 12” deep, the wedge easily fits on any bed, providing additional comfort and support while sitting or sleeping.We can adjust angles at 37° to 169°

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About Foldable Wedge Pillow
Foldable wedge pillow offered by UrbanBed offers a foldable design technology used for support of your head, neck, back, or a perfect leg wedge pillow. If someone is facing back or neck strain issues, buying a foldable wedged pillow is a must. The angle adjustable wedge pillow adjusts your head or foot. These foldable wedge pillow angles can be adjusted every time you watch TV, use your phone, or read a book without putting too much pressure on your neck. Available measurements of this foldable wedge pillow are 22” wide, 24” breadth, and 12” deep. The multipurpose design allows it to fit to any bed size, providing extra comfort and support while sleeping or sitting. The angles can be adjusted from 37 degrees to 169 degrees. The bright peach color of the wedge pillow will surely enhance and add on to your home décor. UrbanBed offers free doorstep delivery of this product with a 1-year warranty. If you want to buy foldable wedge pillow, this is one of the best options available online. The price has also been kept reasonable for the amount of features it delivers. Order now and use it as a back or neck support while working, sitting, and even gaming for long sessions.

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