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* Better Air Circulation.
* Helps in Knee & Lower Back Support.
* UltraFreshTM Treated Fabric.
* Ergonomic Design.
* 100% Machine washable cover.
* Viscoflex® Memory foam.

Thai cushion

The Creation
The Knee pillow from UrbanBed was crafted considering the need for comfortable and pleasant sleep. Everything from the use of Viscoflex Memory Foam that ensures better air circulation to the soft knitted breathable fabric is to provide the optimum quality of sleep. The ergonomic design enables the cushion to fit perfectly between the legs and promote proper hip and spinal alignment while you sleep. The adjustable elastic strap keeps the legs in position and provides maximum support. The featured contoured cut of the cushion helps support both legs and the knees, keeping your legs, hip and spine aligned naturally, ensuring proper sleeping alignment & positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points.
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Knee Cushion
Improves leg support
Buy Knee Cushion Online
Helps reduce back pain
Knee Cushion
Promotes proper spine & hip alignment
Knee Pillow For Sleeping
Removable cover treated with Ultrafresh antimicrobials
Knee Support Pillow
Made from high density Viscoflex memory foam
Buy Knee Cushion Online
Machine Washable Cover

Thai cushion

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