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Ninjaback© Orthopaedic Mattress With Pack of 2 Fibre Pillow Free

Ninjaback© Orthopaedic Mattress With Pack of 2 Fibre Pillow Free

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Orthopedic Support

Body Heat Control

Contour Cuts

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Rated 4.7 Stars

15-Year Warranty

High-Grade German Technology

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Easy on the back

End your day and start your mornings by putting your health and well-being first. This amazing orthopaedic mattress has 7 layers of firmness- offering the ultimate level of comfort. The Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress is specially designed to provide targeted support to your back. This orthopaedic mattress gives excellent spine alignment and back pain relief and also controls body heat.

  • Multiple adaptive foam layers provide cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.
  • Better Air Flow.
  • Orthopaedic Support.
  • Spine Aligns Naturally.
  • Body Heat Control.
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Sound sleep Engineered with German Technology
If you often feel tired and are struggling to get up energised even after a complete sleep of 8 hours, probably it is your mattress to be blamed. According to the experts, if you are not sleeping on the right mattress or in the right posture, you are most likely to feel low when you get up in the morning. UrbanBed, with the aim of providing and maintaining an uncompromised quality sleep, we work tirelessly to provide you with the best mattresses. UrbanBed mattresses are engineered using high-grade German technology. Our mattresses are categorised as the best mattresses online. They are resilient, durable, safe, and comfortable. The breathability feature of the foam used in our mattresses keeps your body temperature controlled while sleeping. The foams in the mattresses are glued using an all-natural and safe water-based adhesive. UrbanBed mattresses are neither too hard nor too soft, providing the perfect comfort required for quality sleep and overall good health.
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UrbanBed mattresses are built with high-end German technology, making them more resilient, long-lasting, clean, and comfortable. But the fact that makes Core Dual Support Mattress best in the market is that it provides comfort and back support, which is something that most orthopaedic mattresses lack. It also provides you with the advantage of sleeping on both sides - medium soft and heavy. Regardless of which side you choose based on firmness preference, you'll find both support and comfort, ensuring that your spine remains in a good alignment and that you sleep like a baby. This dual comfort mattress is made up of substantial and durable fabric, which is also anti-microbial. It's very pocket friendly and comes in different sizes. We also provide 15 years of warranty and 120 nights trial to our customer and free delivery to their doorstep.
About NinjabackOrthopaedic Mattress
UrbanBed presents Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress which is an orthopedic mattress providing adaptive multiple layers cushioning effect for extreme comfort and orthopedic support. The different layers of adaptive foam offer different adaptive pressure distribution areas for head, shoulder, lumber, pelvic, knee, lower leg, and foot zones. This ortho mattress brings you to the correct posture and gets adapted as per the needs of the people.
Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress has the right contour cuts on all 3 layers adjusted to the spine and the curves of the body automatically and thus providing better back support. It is probably the best orthopedic mattress available online with a 4.7 star customer review ratings. This orthopedic mattress is offered with superior quality foam that allows better air flow through the vents, thus controlling the body heat while sleeping. You can choose among different sizes available between Single, Diwan, Queen, and King. UrbanBed provides you a 120 night trial period for this orthopedic memory foam mattress. We also provide a free doorstep delivery service and a 15-year long warranty period along with the purchase. The orthopedic mattress price has been set reasonable for the amount of features it provides, as it is delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. The mattress cover offered is made of an anti-microbial fabric and is a washable material. To conclude, it is a well-adjusting mattress that can make the difference between a good nightƒ??s sleep and a night full of toss and turns.

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Single, Diwan, Queen, King

22 Kilograms

15.24, 20.32 or 25.4 cm 6, 8, or 10 Inches

Hypersoft & Resiflex HR Foam

Orthopaedic Patients

Medium Firm to Firm

Medium Firm to Firm

120-Night Trial

Unbox & Use After 48-Hours

15-Year Warranty