Mattress Exchange

UrbanBed's Mattress Exchange Programme

Exchange your old Mattress with a new one!

1. The old mattress being exchanged must be in good condition, free from significant damage, stains, or excessive wear and tear.

2. UrbanBed reserves the right to determine the value of the old mattress based on factors such as age, condition, and market value.

3. The value of the old mattress will be credited towards the purchase of the new mattress, with any price difference being the responsibility of the customer.

4. Customers are responsible for any additional costs associated with the mattress exchange, including delivery fees, taxes, and price differences between the old and new mattress.

5. The mattress exchange offer is valid for a limited period and may be subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice.

6. The exchanged mattress becomes the property of UrbanBed and cannot be returned or reclaimed by the customer.

7. UrbanBed reserves the right to refuse a mattress exchange if the old mattress does not meet the specified conditions or if it is determined that the exchange violates any other policies.

8. The mattress exchange policy is applicable online purchases only and may not be valid for offline or third-party purchases.

9. UrbanBed's 15-nights trial for mattress exchange allows one exchange per user. However, customers are responsible for covering the reverse logistics cost and any price difference between the two mattresses.

10. UrbanBed's decision in any dispute is final and binding.Sound Sleep Engineered with German Technology Solutions. Earnestly and proudly Made in India.