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Zen Memory Foam Vs Core Dual Support

Zen Memory Foam Vs Core Dual Support

Being in the mattress business, we understand how difficult it can be to find the ‘perfect’ mattress. And having a bunch of options with all mattresses boasting a different set of features only makes the choice more difficult. We understand the problem and have narrowed down our product offering to two mattresses: Zen Memory Foam mattress and Core Dual Support mattress.

Although this should be enough to simplify the decision making process, if you need more information about the differences between the two mattresses, read on. To start with, both mattresses have a few similarities that help in keeping the spine aligned. But, there are other differences which you must consider before making a decision.

1. Memory Foam vs Dual Firmness

Zen Memory Foam Mattresses are made denser than other mattresses to ensure superior support for the spine. The mattress moulds to your body's shape in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing your body weight. The mattress is really great for sleepers who don’t like to move around a lot in their bed.

Dual Core Support Orthopaedic mattress is designed for people who often complain about body pain while sleeping. The spine support, superior level of sleep comfort and the dual-firmness of the mattress makes it a perfect option for those who love extra value with their purchase.

2. mattress layering

Zen Memory Foam mattress is 3 layers deep. Apart from the inner and outer UltraFresh treated fabric, the mattress boasts three layers of different foam which includes Soft HR Foam, Viscoflex Memory Foam and Resiflex HR Foam along with an anti-skid fabric at the bottom. The mattress is engineered with High grade German technology and the different foams are glued together with an all-natural and safe water-based adhesive for unadulterated comfort and support.

The Core Dual Support Orthopaedic mattress has 2 different layers. Apart from the UltraFresh treated inner and outer fabric, the mattress has two different foams - Soft HR Foam and Resiflex HR Foam, which enables the mattress to offer its unique dual firmness feature.

3. When to buy?
Zen Memory Foam mattress Core Dual Support Orthopaedic mattress
You need a mattress with conforming properties or you suffer from chronic neck and/or back pain and have trouble breathing during sleep. If you suffer from spinal alignment issues or joint and back problems.
You suffer from pressure points as you sleep. You need a firm mattress targeted toward the joints, neck, and back and helps to improve your overall body posture.
You have a sleep partner and you want to keep motion transfer to a minimum. You want a mattress that helps you in the long-term and helps you enjoy a higher quality of life.
Ideally for age group : <50 All age groups
Weight: <80 Weight: <110
Firmness score: 5/10 Firmness score: 6-8/10
4. Key Features
Zen Memory Foam mattress Core Dual Support Orthopaedic mattress
Moulds to the user’s body shape Spine Aligns Naturally
Superior comfort Comfort with Support
Nullifies disturbances from partner More breathable while you sleep
Uses advanced open-cell memory foam High resilience
Body hugging Bouncier

Choosing a mattress, be it the Zen Memory Foam mattress or the Core Dual Support Orthopaedic mattress, is about personal needs and preferences. Both mattresses have a different set of features and are crafted keeping in mind the different sleeping requirements. What works for you might not work for others. But, the fact that you are reading this blog gives us hope that you now have a better understanding of the differences between the two mattresses we offer, and you are more informed to make a conclusive decision.